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GrappS a.d. is a licensed company for works on mechanical structures, means of transport and storage.

Our mission is to be a recognized partner in the steel industry and other related areas of heavy industry.

The professional staff offers services in the development and installation of steel structures, industrial plant maintenance, project management and engineering.


Safety is our number one priority!

Our long-term approach to establishing relationships with customers is based on the belief that safety is our top priority. GrappS a.d. recognizes the dangers of the working environment in industry. We advocate the view that with the proper equipment, training and education, these risks can be controlled and that all possible injuries and incidents at work can be prevented.


As a company flexible to changes in a turbulent environment, GrappS a.d. offers a wide range of civil construction works for its users performed by locksmiths-fitters, welders, gas cutters, mechanics, electricians and so on.

Our satisfied customers encourage us daily to be even better despite increasingly severe business conditions.

With undivided focus to meet the needs of our customers, we have earned the trust of giants such as US Steel Serbia, NIS Gazprom and RTB Bor.


In collaboration with KEM a.d. Macedonia, we offer a wide variety of refractory materials.

  • Aluminous and aluminum silicate products
  • Magnesium carbonate products
  • Dolomite products
  • Silicon carbide products
  • Flame tubes - burners for baking industry
  • Bricks for stoves, boilers and heater mounts


Address: Nušićeva 8, 11300 Smederevo, Srbija
Phone: +381 (26) 4627 708
Director: +381 (63) 237 016
Fax: +381 (26) 4627 709
Address: Đure Salaja bb, 11300 Smederevo, Srbija
Phone: +381 (26) 621 045


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